With 99% of all Vienna households being connected with the public sewer, Vienna can pride itself on having one of the most advanced sewer systems in Europe. Daily, over 500,000 m3 of raw sewage are led into the main municipal treatment works in Simmering on the eastern outskirts of the city, a vital contribution of the 500 staff of the Vienna Sewer Authority towards the health and well-being of Vienna’s population.

But work never ceases. To maintain the high standard of Vienna’s sewage treatment, the team of technicians working for Vienna’s Sewer Authority are constantly working on the maintenance and modernisation of the city’s extensive sewer system. Innovative projects concerning sewage treatment and environmental protection of natural waterways attract the attention of experts from all over the world. One of these projects is the new sewer monitoring system which, in connection with the main treatment works, helps to protect the natural waterways of Vienna against contamination through sewage.

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